Saturday, 14 August 2010

Interior rumblings

Hello again, good to be back! Hopefully with summer drawing to a soggy end, the call of the bench will become stronger!

 I am still waiting for the brass tread-plate, and the CMK sets. With our ever efficient customs and postal service, up to their old and new tricks...  I went to the books and web, in order to find anything on the later interior layout of the 44' Tigers... And there is not much, 'Jentz and Doyle's DW to Tiger 1 has the best clues to the stowage racks, that populated the 'shelf' above the turret ring, as well as the turrets mechanisms for the turrets traverse and gun elevation. A real lot of items that were stowed upon the turrets interior wall have been removed by this point, (unless the Saumur Tiger, has been gutted , whilst sat in Northern France?) there appears to be very little conduit and mountings at all compared to say, the earlier produced Bovington and APG Tigers. To me it looks as though these 'bins' that populate the lower turret interior took most of the previously wall stored items!

So it was off to the cutting mat, with some stock styrene sheet, rod and strip, for an attempt to try and replicate these later additions to the 'minimalist' Later Tiger Interior!

Now on the back 'shelf' in DW to Tiger 1, of the Saumur Tiger, there are a couple of images that show smaller compartments, for what looks like 'episcope' components etc, but I am not sure if two or three differing patterns are fitted between the main guns counterbalance cylinder and the escape hatch?  As you can see the Verlinden kit is anything but comprehensive! So a lot of very visible smaller detail has been added, whilst trying to keep it 'through the hatch' yet detailed enough to show a 'light destruction,!

A fair part of the interior details can be seen through the open hatches, as with all the 'ports' open, the interior is well lit. In keeping with the fire that '211' was part gutted with, I have tried to show the spent shell case basket, as partly burnt. For this I rolled out some 'Green Stuff two part Epoxy' to a very thin depth, and impressed a piece of cloth into both surfaces, leaving the putty to cure for an hour, it was then 'torn' from the rolled out piece and formed onto a brass tube frame armature, to give a kind of  'toasted'  remnants look to the remaining shreds of cloth!

Okay some more scratching of the interior stowage, to compliment the sparse Verlinden parts, then back onto a little more detailing of the main gun and it's ancillaries, then we should be reaching for some paint in earnest in the near future eh?

Thanks again for the continuing interest folks and friends... Cheers Phil.

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  1. Phil,
    Again more complexities for such a vehicle with a low production numbers. It seems to me the Tigers were always being tinkered with production-wise. Interior looks great and it's good to hear that a most of your work will be seen thru the hatches! Can't wait for a review of the CMK items.


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