Wednesday, 3 November 2010

A Forest! ...and a race track!

Hello again folks! I have finally managed to wheedle out some time to post some images of the trip to the Ardennes, that I took at the end of August.
 My first impressions of the scenery and landscape were staggering, a beautiful and very challenging environment. Only the desperate would launch a mid-winter offensive through here... The narrow nature of the winding roads added to the always inclining or descending terrain, must have been a nightmare to the drivers of even the medium Panzers, PzIV' Panthers etc, let alone the massive King Tigers unleashed westwards!
 Unfortunately because of the race weekend, it was difficult to navigate south of the track, especially near Stavelot and La Gleize... So I did not get to see '213' of the 2./s.SS.Pz.Abt.501... Perhaps next year I can get to the area early before the Grand Prix mayhem breaks loose?
 Here are some images of the area in and surrounding the race track Spa Francorchamps, you will notice that a lot of the corners names upon the track still recall a chilling and ferocious past.

Malmedy cathedral... Beautiful and sedate, behind it is a memorial for the townsfolk who lost their lives upon Christmas Eve 1944...

Looking out upon the track from Stoumont and La Combe.

In the centre of the circuit within the forest, next to the Ambleve, Eau Rivage, from the Stavelot corner.

The Kemmel straight, and the river bridge under Eau Rouge... A hell of a hill!

Heading down from Rivage toward Pouhon...With the weather coming in!

Modern German Aces, in German 'Armour' 2010 style!

Myself at the top of the 'mighty' Eau Rouge, the incline has to be seen to be believed! It reminds me of The Market 'Brew' in my hometown of Stockport!

And finally Malmedy Corner, and a 'Troll'!

 Right I had best get back to some modelling... Armour that is, as fashion will never suit me!

 Cheers Phil!

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  1. Great pics and it would be fun to see some old time comparason pics-mud and hills don't work well with a underpowered panzers!


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