Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Number of the Beast!

Finally getting towards the end of a large outdoor project and the workbench looms on the horizon so...just cracked open a box to have a look at what Cyber Hobbies new Mid Tiger 1 Befehlswagen #6660 contains...mighty impressive!
Also gave me the opportunity to try and fathom out the workings of my new camera! First impressions of the kit show a raft of tooling changes especially relating to the turret roof, turret shell, and hull roof. The new incorporated detail upon these areas are possibly the finest I've ever seen in 1/35th scale. The depiction of the sheet shroud over the turrets gear and ball-race ring, will give the interior detailer a good footing for depicting the lower reaches of the turret, that has not been covered by any previous major manufacturer or AM manufacturer.
All I have to do now is decide which Mid-Command Tiger to build...008 anybody?!

Don't worry, it doesn't mean I've abandoned '211' to the long finger! Regular service should be resuming over the next few weeks...cheers!


  1. Looking good Phil!

    Don't stay away too long.


  2. Good to see you back at the bench Phil.


  3. Nice work! Glad I've found your blog.

  4. Very nice start...


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