Friday, 14 October 2011

Busy Life Apology!

Apologies everyone...this life business does get in the way of my modelling! ;-P
Not really model related but I have uploaded a couple of sketches to my new art blog (yes we all have to make a living, unfortunately!) so if you haven't seen them before, check them out...any commissioned received with qualify for a 'friends discount'! Haha!
Anyway, happy modelling to ya all and hope to get back to that styrene real soon!
Cheers all and thanks for calling in!


  1. Hello Phil! I found your blog through Google. I did do browse your other posts here and I found your blog sort of interesting. Looking forward to more of your posts and I will be checking that other one too. :D

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  2. Hi Ayasha,
    Thanks for your you can guess, still been a bit manic-busy recently, but will be getting back to my modelling in the next couple of months once I get some work commitments out of the way!


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