Friday, 9 November 2012

Apologies for my absence!

Sorry for the absence...the dark nights are drawing in here in England, which means I'll be back on my workbench quite soon. The people who know me will be aware that the last few years have been tricky, balancing work, my modelling and family has been a challenge. As our youngest was born and has been such a demanding little person (in personality and in health) something has had to give, and it's been my hobby!
Thankfully my daughter's (and my wife's) health has improved and so I'll be finding time to get back on track - literally!

Thanks to the well-wishers and those who have kept the meantime, please have a look at my art blog (just skip past the strange half naked women, we all have to pay the bills somehow!)

I've started painting tanks to remind myself of how tanks actually look! :D

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