Thursday, 4 February 2010

Well there has been a little more work on the first kompanie Tiger '121' (this is a slightly 'modded' DML #6383 with moulded Zimmerit... Not a big fan!) a bit of subtle shifting of the pigments and a light dusting of a very heavily diluted Tamiya Buff XF57. This is applied along the lower hull, and at the intersection of the turret and hull roof. This helps 'tie in' the pigments and washes, and gives the effect of a very recent coat of 'travelling' dust... After all these Tigers road marched some 10k to get knocked out at Villers Bocage!
Now that this Tiger is nearing completion, my thoughts turn to the next Tigers upon the 'workbench horizon'! These will both be from the second kompanie, the first incarnation of '211' and either '233' or '234' using the tactical numbers of two unidentified Tigers to tie in with a 'knocked out' second kompanie Tiger, that features a few interim features of a February '44' build.

Right then "scalpel nurse"... Cheers Phil.


  1. Hello Phil!
    I'm a Real Fan of yours works on The Tiger's!
    Also, i like yours "Interventions" and Topics on MIgForums!
    I'm, like you, an Tigermaniak and I found yours "yard's" on theses Felins wonderful!
    Good job an' weathering on this 121! I love!
    See you later


    Excuse me for my English language, I'm a poor froogie

  2. Hello there Didier! Sorry about the slow response... Believe it or not, I could not fathom out the reply system!!! Another senior moment.
    I will have to set some time aside to put together a 'mass' posting on the MIG forum very soon. Always good to hear from another Tigerphile. The 'MIG' style weathering on '121' was a real pleasure, and extremely good fun. The splattered dry,drying, and wet mud effect with a loaded brush and blasts from an Airbrush were excellent techniques, and actually really easy... I suppose knowing when to stop is the trick eh?
    Please do not apologise for your English, otherwise I will have to torture you with my extremely poor French language skills. LOL

    Cheers Phil.


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