Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hello again! Well I thought that I had forgotten something, and I did... The sibling to '121'... '112' This is a straight 'OOB' build using the Gunze Sangyo paint code given in the instructions for DML #6383 Tiger 1 Late with Zimmerit. The only things of note on the build, is the removal of the moulded Zimmerit pattern behind the exhaust assemblies, the shortening of the DS Track by '3' links (though this has now been resolved with shorter tracks in the Cyber Hobby "Wittmanns last Tiger" kit #6610. Still not a great fan of the moulded Zimmerit or DS tracks, but with a little attention and patience, #6383 can give you a highly acceptable depiction of this legendary beast. Weathering was achieved using a mix of MIG Productions pigments, artists pastels, and oil washes, pin and dot filter.

The 'spattered mud' effect on the exhaust shrouds was realised by 'blasting' air from the airbrush over a heavily loaded brush, heavy with a mix of pigments, pastels and fixatives. (P.V.A. and MIG Productions)

Right then off to the others kitties in the litter!

Back soon, Cheers Phil.


  1. Hey Phil
    Like the blog my friend. Now I have a place to go and check in on your Tigers, and learn a thing or two.
    I added this to my favorites and will check it out often. Looks great so far buddy.


  2. Very impressive work, and a reference to all 'Tiger-fans'. Thumbs up !!!

  3. Hi Frank! Thanks for the 'nod' very much appreciated. I will try and work as much reference related postings and links into the blog as it evolves (or perhaps mutates!)

    Cheers Phil.


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