Friday, 19 March 2010

Hello again! Sorry for the void between posts, and the slow response to comments... Not really au fait with the 'whole blog' thing yet!

There that's my grovelling apology over. And what have I been up to on the Tigers?
Well other than getting two builds going forwards (slowly) I have been spawning a wrecked Tiger of the s.SS.Pz.-Abt.101 of the 2nd Kompanie, that was originally from the 1st Kompanie, before the latters withdrawal from the Normandy theatre, in order to refit and train on the Tiger B.
This has come about due to Rob's (Scratchmods) enthusiasm for me to wreck a Tiger! So I had a look around for one that would spur me into a build and found this one...

Now this Tiger caused a lot of web traffic as it's tale began to be pieced together, by an amazing bunch of researchers over on Missing Lynx, and Forum.Axis History.

The work of guys like Yann Jouallt, Mike Kenny, Hartmutt v Holdt, Cyprek, etc fascinate me, always liked a good detective novel... And this stuff is better than Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's sleuth works.

So as a tribute to their efforts, (and Rob's patience) here we go...

I am once again using either DML #6253 or #6406! I tend to combine a lot of sprues from various DML Tigers together for space saving!!! The Zimmerit is applied with Tamiya's Smooth (white) Epoxy Putty, I use this due to it's long curing time, it's ability to be softened with gentle heat, and it has a stiffness to it that enable you to really impress the pattern into it, almost to the strenes surface, without 'splurge' between the rows, adding to the look akin to the actual Zimmerit seen on a Tiger's hide. For the pattern this was replicated using a Lion Roar Zimmerit 'roller' tool.
As you can see from the actual images of '211' it has taken a 'hell of a pasting'! I think for my first attempt at a 'Trashed Tiger' this one has got a bit of everything thrown at it! Impacts,fire damage,missing stowage,shattered Zimmerit, field repairs, and re-numbered to boot!
I have been having a good look at the rear of this unfortunate Tiger, and it appears to have possibly taken a lot of punishment to it's rear. I believe that it has the right exhaust assembly missing, except for the armoured cover. Maybe a round took it out or it was lost due to an explosion from within the engine compartment, as the fire damage is mainly to the rear right hand side portion of the Tiger. I have pasted up the flanks and bow plate of this Tiger, and will post some more later, as I want to experiment with something on the rear hull plate.

Thanks for stopping off... Back very soon. Cheers Phil.


  1. Phil, looks awesome so far buddy. You know I've been waiting for this a long time, and I love how it looks so far.
    The Tiger you've chosen is perfect, not too much damage but still room to have fun with the painting.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more of the battle damage on this kittie, especially the Notec light.
    Big smile on my face right now.


  2. Hey Rob! I finally found out how to comment... As you have pointed out Rob this Tiger has a really good mix of damage and distress, that will certainely stretch my painting abilities. Thanks to Grant Hall I have been able to source a suitable Bosch light to be the victim of a 'mangling'. Non other than an Artisan Mori resin offering.

    Just have to work out how to mangle it now!!!

    Cheers Rob... Phil.


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