Monday, 22 March 2010

Good Morning Folks! Especially to my good friend Rob, and to Didier, good to hear from you both. I will post an abridged version of this Tiger over on the MIG forum shortly.
I have been having a bit of fun with the Zimmerit on '211', focusing mainly on the rear hull plate. If you look closely, you will notice that the actual Zimmerit in this area does not follow a uniform pattern. I believe this to be from stowage and confines not enabling the use of the standard (roller) applicator, and the 'spreader' at Kassel having to employ a different tool in order to imprint the ridges into the curing paste. Here is a little collage to illustrate the point.

Now by using a technical pencil to map the damage and paste areas, then by using the Lion Roar Zimmerit Applicator, and a 3mm Jewellers Flathead Screwdriver, I have applied the 'disrupted' pattern of the Zimmerit onto the flaking and scabrous rump of this once noble 'Big Cat'.
The sponson plates Zimmerit has been realised with just the Lion Roar Tool, though the pattern's most forward edge often has the 'trowelled' ridge where the Glacis plate meets the Sponson's plate.

Well the next logical step I suppose is the AP damage to the 'soft' area's on the Glacis plate and Gun Mantlet!

See you all later... Cheers for calling in. Phil.


  1. Hello Dan! I must say that I was very unsure about 'wrecking' a Tiger, but this one was just asking for it! Thanks to Rob's prompting 9I still have the revolver's muzzle mark on my temple! (Only joking Rob!) It has made me look at this '211' in a completely different way. I am now liking it myself.

    Cheers Phil.


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