Sunday, 28 March 2010

Truly distressing!

Hello again friends!

I have managed to get a smidgin' of time working on the slowly deteriorating '211' Doppelganger. I have added some more weld seams and 'tag' joints, by using some bright coloured stretched sprue, softened with Tamiya Extra Thin, and given a rippled and pitted relief to represent the texture of the welding. You will notice that I have also added some 'sprue' welding joints to the spare track clamps lower lugs. This is because the area is devoid of any Zimmerit due to the fire, and it will give the possibility of adding a very bright silver weld to mix of the melted paint, charred Zimmerit and heated, rusted armour plate.

One shadowy area of Zimmerit that I have not pasted onto the Tiger yet is the Bow Glacis Apron! "BGA"? I hear you say, well do you know that unlabelled piece of plate that adjoins the Bow plate, and the Glacis plate, that also forms the roof for the transmission? ... That's the BGA, or for want of an 'official term' what I call it.
One major headache for modellers wanting to depict a Tiger 1 during it's production period that was 'covered' by Zimmerit application... Is to paste this area or not! Take a look at this collage of images that appear to show Zimmerit in place, or give a clear indication of an application of the ridged pattern. I personally believe that on the majority of Mid and Late Tiger 1's, that Zimmerit was applied here, and one of the main reasons that it can be difficult to observe, is due to the levels of overhead saturated light that would create difficulties in a period image being clear enough to discern whether, or whether not Zimmerit was applied. Allied also with acculmulated dirt and dust, and the passage of the crew over the easiest mounting point of the Tiger 1. 

Tricky eh? For this area I have experimented with a few various mediums and methods of applying the ridges. For this particular Tiger, I have dabbled with using good old 'Mr Surfacer' the modern wonder of the Armour Modelling world.
 I used the 1000' grade Mr Surfacer in a couple of coats that were 'flow' applied with a medium flat brush. This was then left to cure, for around ten-fifteen minutes, before the pattern of the smaller ridges with the indomitable Lion Roar Zimmerit Applicator tool. Surprisingly at no point did the Mr Surfacer stick to the rollers die. And in my opinion looks to be a fair representation of the Zimmerit on this much queried area of the Tiger.

So that is where we are up to on this dishevelled Tiger, the next logical step is to add the impact hits on the Mantlet and Glacis, along with the remnants of external fittings to the hull and turret.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit... Back real soon. Cheers Phil.


  1. Hi Dan! 'Clever' and 'work' are not usually two words that are associated with me! Or so my wife says!Lol Thanks for the kind words Dan. I will have to attempt to add a gadget taht allows my tune of the day! P.J. Harvey... I will give her some listening today.

    Cheers Phil.

  2. Hi Phil

    I have been following your Tiger builds for a while now & am mighty impressed; jolly well done.

    I am intrigued to know where you get your wealth of reference photos from - any clues?

    I hope you would be kind enough to follow my upcoming Tiger series.


  3. Hello Bill! How are you fettling my friend?

    Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragement, a great compliment.

    The images have generally been collected over a couple of years, some from publications, quite a few from the web, and also a wide selection have come from like minded souls with a Tiger passion. The one site I would totally recommend for reference images and information on the Tiger 1 (and King Tiger) is Tiger im Focus, the team of 'Tiger Experten' over there have really built up a vast wealth of knowledge, information, and image library of archive materials. Well worth a look.

    It will be an honour Bill to follow your soon to blogged litter, I do like a Tiger tale!

    Cheers for looking in Bill... Phil.

  4. I'd like to follow Bill's work as well! How about the album of the day is: Boy's Don't Cry...

  5. Class album Dan! A seminal 80's guitar whine and a foundation for the EMO scene! I'll be on-site today snagging a job, so this will be on the MP3 at 25'Volume... No wonder I have tinnitus!!!

    Cheers for that Dan, it will certainly blow the cobwebs away.

    Back later, Phil.

  6. Phil, I remember when I bought that CD in '85! Today: Southern Culture on the Skids (SCOTS) "Dirt Track Date"
    Lookin forward to some Tiger building..

  7. Ahh now Dan this band is a bit of a revelation to me! But that awesome raw stripped down guitar gives me a bit of 'Deja Varoom'. Lol They remind me of The Cramps only more homely!
    I will have to post up a bi-daily Album or song of the day chalkboard. Today I have been listening mostly to Thee Milkshakes (Fourteen Rhythm and Beat Greats) wish I still had a copy of 'Jaguar and Thunderbird'.
    Right I'd best get some Tiger modelling done.

    Cheers Dan, for the enlightenment... Phil.

  8. Hi Phil

    Many thanks for the feedback.

    As with you I have been getting oriented, so have not got round to posting.

    I will have a good look at your site recommendation 'Tiger Im Focus'. Sounds like they missed an 'N' out somewhere along the line...


  9. Phil,
    SCOTS have a few more great albuims under their belt-all make great comments on Southern Life!
    I also am going to check out "Tiger Im Focus" as it is new to me as well.
    Bill-"Im" in German is "In" English!

  10. Hi bill, Howdy Dan!

    ...Bill, I am not the worlds greatest on I.T. matters, I can build them, but have the odd senior moment with the desktop stuff on occasion!
    Tiger im Focus is truly an awesome reference and research tool for the Tiger family, all I can say is 'enjoy', it is almost as good as Agatha Christie, watching some of the murky mysteries and quandaries get cleared up un the forums there.

    Dan I shall definitely be giving SCOTS a lot more listening time. I have been mostly listening to The Meteors 'Wreckin' Crew', Johnny Burnette and The Legendary Rock and Roll Trio, whilst building cupboards today!

    Cheers Phil.


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