Saturday, 3 April 2010

Damage Limitation!

Good day to one and all!

 Back at the workbench, (albeit for a very limited time) I have finally bit the AP round, and took a dremel to this poor Tiger! Using a mixture of cone and ball ended dental burrs, the impacts were then treated to a few applications of Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement to soften the indentations and remove any residual swarf on the craters edge. On the impact on the mantlet, I heated the ball burr and pressed it further into the wound, in order to create a little lip where the deformed plate formed a kind of solid corona. If that makes sense?
 The impacts on the Glacis were 'drilled' completely through... The hit on the drivers armour vision port, was  finished with the cone burr, slightly penetrating  through the styrene, then closed up with some Tamiya Extra-Thin. The crack in the cast port pillar was simply scratched in with a scalpel and pin.
 Now for the penetration that has deformed the Kugelblende... This being drilled completely through, and then a piece of stryrene tube with a smaller brass tube within the core, trying to replicate what I believe to be the AP round that caused the bow mg ball mount and housing to deform so alarmingly. As stated in Panzerwrecks 8 Normandy, the bow mg/radio operator must have taken a serious blow when the Tiger was hit... If the Tiger was still crewed and operational at that point!
Also a few more additions to the missing/damaged stowage fixings and clamps have been added. Along with the start of the residual attachment points, where the Tigers mudguard/fenders would have been. I have decided to also model this vehicle with a destroyed exhaust muffler on the right hand side, in order to make a start, a 4mm hole was drilled through the aperture slot on the kits rear hull. Another thing I have been thinking about including upon this build is a variation on the cast armoured exhaust covers... More about this another time.

Some more Mr Surfacer has also been applied, in order to try and depict the sub layer of Zimmerit that has been exposed by the frontal impacts and the areas not totally destroyed by the fire. this once again being flowed onto the the surface (not as heavily applied this time), then after part drying the faint impression of the Zimmerit's pattern was applied with the Lion Roar Zimmerit Applicator.

Thanks for stopping by, back real soon... Cheers Phil.


  1. It must have took some gumption to get the dremel tool out-great job! Love the AP round that is still in the front slope-you nailed it.

  2. Hi Dan! I must admit, that to permanently maim one of the Tigers, was really traumatic... But I suppose it was all in the cause of modelling science! It did make me realise though, that forward planning and practice is paramount.
    I have been mostly listening to Charlie Feathers today with a soupcon of Dale Vaughn... You gotta dig that 'goddamn' rock 'n' roll eh?

    Cheers Phil.

  3. Phil,
    This is a great example of prior planning (have you heard of the 5 P's?). I imagine when you got that dremel tool in hand there must have been lot's of sweat on the brow as in a Doctor in a operation that he is not comfterable in!
    I admit to not knowing about those singers, so will have to google them.

  4. Hi Phil,
    Nice place you've got here, I'll have to pop in more often :)
    Great looking over these pics in there full (resolution) glory.


  5. Hello Grant! How the devil are you? And how are your litter of kittens, and the the two really 'Big Cats' doing?
    The resolution is a bit scary! Every minute mistake and glue glob on show eh? I am really enjoying my time here beneath the boughs of 'Barkmann's Corner'... It might even make me break out the Late Panther 'A'!
    I will have to get the Tigers that are 'Standing in the Water' (okay stalled, it just sounded less 'slow building')out for a photo shoot soon. Though I have been tinkling with the SSTK Mid Befehlspanzer.

    Take care mate, and thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Dan! 5 P's? I just tend to wing it mainly, though I have put a bit more planning into this one.
    Dan you will really enjoy 'Charlie Feathers' he is the Godfather of stripped down Rock 'a' billy! Today I have been listening to the original guitar hero... Minnesota's own 'rockin' son 'Eddie Cochran'. And messing with quite a few chunks of resin.

    Cheers Phil.

  6. 5 P's: Prior planning prevents Pi**-poor results!
    Charlie and Eddie are on the to do list!

  7. I just love all the accurate detailing your putting into this Phil. I think I might have to do another Tiger after seeing what your doing here.

    Fantastic so far, especially the round that is embedded in the armour. Great stuff buddy.


  8. Hi Rob! It's all a bit 'Duck and Cover' at the moment over here, good weather has interrupted the modelling whilst I catch up on some installations. How is it with you all a bit 'Matilda and Tarp' eh?
    You have really got me addicted fast (maybe it's all the solvents?) to this wrecking lark... Though I don't know if I will ever get as extreme as some of your visually 'explosive' subjects. Always a motivator to see your outstanding work Rob. I am thinking of using your Abrams charred paintwork as a starting point for '211' D.

    Thanks for looking in. Phil


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