Saturday, 10 April 2010

Tiger Maarsch!

Good morrow fair Tiger fans!

 I knew that I would not get away with it... The Tiger tick list of shame, that is... So here are another two. These are a lot further on than the other 'pasted' hull and turret 'dry fits', and are also the subject of a comparison web build log.
 First up the original '211' of the 2./s.SS.Pz.Abt.101. This Tiger was photographed on the 101st's approach to Morgny on the 7th June 1944, climbing up the winding hill on highway 316 leading to the town . I believe that this Tiger had the broader, heavier coating of Zimmerit on the Turret, and a one piece 40mm roof, meaning that in my view the '211' Doppelganger has no relation to the original '211' other than the re-painted tactical number. See what you think!

And here is my rendition of  Obersturmfuhrer Wessel's Tiger. I am awaiting a selection of paint systems for comparative assessment, but the painting stages should not be too far away.
The next Tiger has been the centre of a lot of study, and discussion over the last few years. Widely believed to be 213 of Hauptschafuhrer Hans Hoflinger, not see in the marching order of the 2./s.SS.Pz.Abt.101 on the 7th June 1944, during the road march to the Normandy alert area. But recently after following the discussions of researchers Yann Youallt, Mike Kenny, Hartmut von Holtd, to name but a few, I am more in the mind to depict it as '234' another Tiger not fully identified during the Normandy conflict. This Tiger is of great interest to me as it has a few components that mark it as being a February '44' build,meaning no armoured turret protection ring and unsculpted hull front side end plates, yet it has a 40mm roof? Maybe a turret swap at some point, or perhaps what ever components were around the assembly area at the Henschel Kassel Plant.

So there you go, two more Tigers for the ever growing list of shame... Though these two should be finished in around a month or two!

Thanks again for your interest... Cheers Phil.


  1. Phil,
    It looks like you are in the same boat as many of us-started kits about! Interesting stories about each-there are so few Tigers made that it seems easy to nail down many of them.
    Hey-the Sex Pistols are on the radio! (Holiday in the sun)

  2. Hi Dan! I think I have about ten on the go! ...The teetering piles dotted around secluded areas of the house are a different matter! Though there are a few OD odds and sods these days plus a few other 'Big cat' species! Your right on the money with the 'extinction' of the Tiger Dan, for all it's battlefield prowess Dan, limited numbers, and overwhelming odds was a serious shortcoming.
    The Sex Pistols on the Radio? Ah the halcyon days of my youth... Though it was very unlikely to hear the 'Pistols' on the airwaves, the recently departed Malcolm McLaren made sure of that with his 'Genre Gerrymanders', always preferred The Damned,The Stranglers, and the Clash personally, as you got to see them! Though 'Bollocks' is one class album, with 'Holidays in the Sun' being one of my favourites. I have been listening to the U.K. Subs today and Mike Sanchez.

    Thanks for the visit Dan... Cheers Phil.

  3. Try this station on the internet:



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