Friday, 9 April 2010

Tigers in the Pipeline...

A few people have been asking me recently about the 'other' Tigers that have I have been working and pondering on over the last year. Well here is the list of shame (though I am planning to get them back onto the production line very soon)

First up a 'Hybrid' Tiger '411' formally of the Schwere Kompanie Hummel, disabled 10 kilometers from Bastonge in Oberwampach. The gun sleeve has been shed from the Manlet when a winging shot that hit the muzzle brake before striking the sleeves collar.

 And here is the unlucky Tiger awaiting further building and detailing. Just not sure if a Winter or a Spring basing is the way to go?

Next up another Tiger from the s.Pz.Kmp Hummel, the infamous 'Elsdorf Tiger'! This Tiger (that I believe to be a Late Befehlspanzer variant of the Tiger Ausf E) was abandoned in the Town of Elsdorf, after knocking out a Pershing, but became firmly stuck in the debris of a house ruin. 
Some interesting features stand out upon this particular Tiger. For one it has eyelashes and a brow... Well rain guards on the Mantlets MG and Gun Sight apertures, and a Panther style Debris Guard on the forward edge of the Turret roof. Perhaps added after the recent experiences of the Panzerwaffe fighting for their very existence with the Tiger, within the debris and rubble strewn confines of towns and cities.


And here is my attempt at re-creating the scene, I might even add the M26 yet on a split plinth! Tiger 1-0 Pershing... Though the score was 1-1 a few days later!

Another 'stalled' Tiger is this very Early-Mid of the 9./s.SS.Pz.Rgt.Totenkopf. An interesting feature of this Tiger is it's vertical Zimmerit On the Turret, I have also been told that this Tiger currently resides in the Kubinka Tank Museum. And from the images I kindly received sometime ago, I have discovered that the Glacis plate also was pasted in the vertical fashion... So a revisit with the Epoxy is needed in that region.

Another addition to this Tiger Befehlspanzer is the wooden placards hung onto the turret, due to the very changeable condition of the Russian Winter/Spring of '43-44'.

I will dig some more out later... Yes there are more!!!

Thank you for taking the time to call by... Cheers Phil.


  1. Hi Phil

    Excellent! I love the damaged mantlet/gun sleeve and the rain guards on the Bocage (?) Tiger.

    Super to have an update; keep 'em coming!


  2. Hi Bill! Sorry for not getting back sooner, volcanoes, work and poorly sick babies!!! Oh and a gig!
    Thanks for the 'nod' on the Mantlet, what a shot that must have been eh?
    I think that the 'Elsdorf Tiger' is probably one of my favourite Tigers, with the 'city fighting 'sports pack' it really was a looker... Until it backed into that historic house!
    I should be back in the house tomorrow, and I have a few things ready for the camera, but don't get too giddy, they are small... But interesting to me at least.

    Cheers, Bill, Phil.


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