Sunday, 25 April 2010

Smash it up! Part 1

Well Hello! My Tiger torturing comrades!

  Normal service looks as though it is on the horizon! Along with the North west of England's 'standard' weather pattern! So activity is blossoming up the workbench, in all earnest... Or maybe that should be 'Ernst'? Panther on the way perhaps?

 With a little spare time coming my way, I have managed to get some more 'Tiger trashing time' in! My main focus has been upon the remaining side skirts upon this 'Tamed Tiger'. ...This is not as easy as I first presumed, some real care has to be taken in order not to deform the part of the fender that is attached to the sponson.
Also I intentionally soldered the support fillets to the main skirt panel a little heavier than normal, (honest!!!) as when I tested a one the end fillet separated under the stress of the folding with the pliers.

Some of this damage does look a bit over the top on the skirts, and a lot of other modellers would probably not have gone as 'extreme'! But this is how '211' Doppelganger looked in the images I have.
And here is the left hand side, for your consideration!

I have also been adding some further empty stowage clamps and fastenings. Looking at images where Tigers have been stripped of their external stowage, I have noted that some of the attached fittings have quite visible weld seams holding them to the hull roof. Rooting through some tubs the Bosch light resurfaced, and now needs only a little more detailing before fitting.

Whilst attaching some more of the external fittings, I have come to a quandary with the Tetra extinguisher bracket. As the extinguisher has either been 'half inched' (liberated) or exploded during the fire, my thoughts are focused upon the retaining straps... Would they have survived?
What is going to be attached to the rear of the turret of this 'dishevelled Doppelganger' you ask? ...Well Gentlefolk, it is going to be Voyagers 'Rommelkiste' or Turret Stowage Bin (on a lateral thought, do any of our German speaking readership, has a precise translation for Rommelkiste? My scant German, and trawling of the translation sites leaves me non the wiser) , this part of '211' appears to have taken a real battering, bearing the scars of small arms penetration, fire damage, and a whacking great plunging fire hole on the top behind the missing lid of the stowage bin.

Now it is starting to look like it is on the way to the painting stage in the not to distant future.

Right I have an impending appointment with a soldering Iron... Take care, I'll be back soon!

Cheers Phil.


  1. HI Phil,
    Where's the sounds gone? :)
    Great work on the side skirts. As you say it's definite not easy to do and keep the bolting edge straight.
    Not sure what a native German would say, but 'Rommelkist' is also Dutch. Meaning:
    'Rommel' = Junk, Jumble. (ie; Rommelkamer = Junk room & Rommelmarkt = Jumble sale.)
    ..and a 'Kist' is a Chest(furniture) , Trunk, (large)Box and also a Coffin.

    It doesn't sound quite right but I like 'Junk Trunk' the best.. :)

    Keep the excellent work comin',

    P.S. Photo 5 won't open to full size..
    Something to hide? ;)

  2. Hi Grant! ...and "Gelukkig Verdjaardag Tijger"! I hope that is better than my Russian? Or German!!!
    Happy Birthday mate, I hope the 'Styrene Fairies' bring you what you wished for!
    Thank you for the words of encouragement with the skirts. I just used two pairs of pliers, and gently 'mangled' them. I think 'Junk Trunk' gets my vote... If I was part of a crew, it would certainly end up full of my junk!
    I am not hiding anything on Photo#5, just my lack of ICT skills, never really covered anything yet with a tarpaulin... Though there is always time.
    Good call on the absent 'Tetra' extinguisher, I put the base plate on the bracket already, so 'rifled' it is.
    There is a lot of conflicting views on the fate of this Tiger, I believe it was disabled perhaps, but not by the impacts on the Glacis plate.
    Well Grant have a good Birthday, and we will raise a toast to your health at the Schloss Appleyard-Keeling!

    Beste Phil.

  3. Cheers Phil,
    My mistake.. the sounds are still here, helps if I turn my speakers on!!! Oops.


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