Friday, 4 June 2010

Back to the fray!

Firstly my sincere apologies for dropping off the face of the 1/35 planet! A million and one things that I have had no control over happened all at once... Don't you just hate Chaos?

I have managed to get back to the bench, and resurrect this ailing Tiger. A lot more work on the empty and destroyed stowage clamps and brackets, along with my attempt to replicate the remnants of the right hand exhaust muffler. I have also made a start upon the drivers hatch interior, I think this needs a lot more attention, as I feel that much more detail needs to be added, especially the empty periscope securing bracket.

(a serious amount of clips,springs,hinges and wing nuts here!)

The side skirts have now been permanently attached, using MasterClub 0.8mm resin Hex Bolts. (Thank you to Grant Hall for introducing me to these excellent solutions for detailing.)
The battered Bosch light has been temporarily attached also, along with the main parts of the one remaining front mudguard. The empty brackets and hooks for the track cable.
Next up is some more work upon the interior, especially the drivers compartment floor!!!

I am also in the process of building another lateral  Zimmerit blog, where issues and application of the pesky paste can be discussed and showcased... More on this very shortly.  

Thank you all for dropping by, back real soon... Cheers Phil.


  1. Great to have you back-I know what you mean about other things getting in the way of modeling! Looking great!

  2. Hi Dan!
    Good to hear that you managed to survive the great outdoors, and the vacation! Hopefully the way ahead for modelling will be a bit clearer for a while... Anything in particular spinning on the turntable?

    Catch you late Dan... Cheers Phil!

  3. Since I was in Georgia and Florida for my vacation-I had to listen to Southern Culture on the Skids!

  4. Well Phil what can I say , except that this looks beautiful. I hesitate to say that I can't wait to see the paint going on the model. This looks too good to cover up with paint.
    You never cease to amaze me with those beautifully build kats.



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